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 Naturally, I know that you would like to experience lasting success in many areas of your life. You, like me, can learn how to utilize the unlimited power of your mind to easily transform your life in the privacy of your home or office! Continue reading and be sure to listen to the free audio below so that you can become aware of the awesome power that is within YOU!

Don't be a victim any longer to past programming, conditioning and circumstances.
Create YOUR reality and stop living someone else's.


We are a function of the mental program that we are running on.
Positive, permanent change does not occur by using only the conscious mind or will power.
The mental programs that we run on are located in the 
subconscious mind.

Hypnosis and NLP are fast and easy ways to alter the mental program to how YOU want it! Hypnosis and NLP are also ways to find the cause of problems and issues and then deal with them on the level where real change can be made. Then, it becomes possible for an incredible improvement of quality of life and healing to occur naturally.

The power lies within you. A professional hypnotist and NLP Practitioner are guides and he or she do NOT control you!



Each of our incredible transformational self hypnosis audio programs are only $10.00! Listen to the mp3's on your computer, burn them to CD or put them on your IPOD or other mp3 player! Just sit back, relax and allow me to be your guide.

These audio programs DO NOT contain any subliminal messages. They also DO NOT contain any distracting sounds or music. They are real sessions as if I am sitting right next to you!


To learn the truth about hypnosis and how it can be used to dramatically improve and transform any area of your life, listen to the audio below.

If you are one of those people who say, "I tried hypnosis but it didn't work", the audio below will explain why it didn't and how you can achieve success! It is a MUST LISTEN!





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Financial Abundance

Life is not supposed to be a struggle. Break the chains of past programming and conditioning regarding money and prosperity. Allow money and abundance to flow to YOU instead of you having to work hard for it at a job that you don't like just so you can make enough to barely get by. This is what you need to turn your financial life around!




Total Wellness

This powerful program is just what you are looking for to feel better in every way. Many people don't realize that there are mental causes for physical and emotional issues and this program addresses this in a powerful way. Take charge of your life!. Why wait....feel better and become more effective starting now!





Guitar Players Advantage

Finally remove the mental blocks that have been holding back your progress and your playing. This program works for beginning to advanced guitar players. This program covers all styles of guitar playing too! It addresses the mental aspects of guitar playing which will then automatically transfer to your playing! For beginner to advanced players. Great for teachers too! Give yourself the edge NOW!








New Programs Coming Soon!

Mind Coaching For Golfers
Self Hypnosis For Students
Salespersons Advantage

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Edward I Jordan

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